What is Architectural Hardware?

Architectural hardware is the architectural accessories that are used in the construction of buildings and homes. Many hardware items can be considered architectural hardware, depending on what the item is for. For example, a door is an architectural hardware item used to allow people to enter a building or home. Lo & Co Interiors architectural hardware such as doors is also often referred to as architectural interior hardware.

The category of architectural hardware generally includes knobs, handles, locks, latches, and other specialized items such as hurricane shutters, sliding glass doors, and storm windows. As you look at the different items included in the category of architectural hardware, you will see that each item is designed to do something specific. For example, knobs and handles are used to open doors, while latches allow you to close a door. You will also find that hurricane shutters are used to help protect a home or building from the effects of hurricanes and other weather conditions. All of these products can be found in any home improvement or building supplies store.

Hinges are used on all kinds of Architectural Hardware, including doors. The most common type of hinge is the pocket hinges which are made of brass or steel. Some people prefer to use solid brass hinges because they have a more ornate finish than the cheaper hinges. Another great thing about using solid brass hinges is that they will last for many years if they are adequately cared for.

Doors are one of the most critical Architectural Hardware elements for a door. Most homeowners will want to make sure their doors are as safe as possible. One of the best ways to ensure the safety of your doors is to install strong deadbolt locks. Most burglars do not bother with deadbolt locks because they are easily defeated with a simple lock pick.

The locks available for use on doorways come in various styles, finishes, shapes, sizes and materials. The style you choose will depend mainly on your personal preference. There is an excellent selection of decorative hardware to choose from, so it is essential to shop around before deciding on the right one. If you are not sure where to start shopping, go online and do some comparison-shopping. You can do this by visiting the company website and logging into the online catalogue.

Doors are just one aspect of a building that needs to be secured, but there are also other architectural hardware products that you may want to secure as well. Window locks are another aspect of a home that needs to be considered when securing your property. It is possible to get affordable window locks that will keep criminals out while still allowing you to open your door. To ensure that you are getting the best window lock for your house, you should visit the company website and see your options. By doing this, you will see what each company has to offer and decide which ones are the best. When you visit the company website, you should also look at their photo gallery to see what kinds of architectural hardware products they sell.

architectural-hardwareOne of the more exciting locks and hinges available at Lo & Co Interiors is the patio door hardware. These products often come equipped with pegs in the middle of the door that resembles actual ladders. If you want to discourage intruders from entering through your front door, you should have an alarm installed that will sound if anyone tries to force their way through. This type of alarm is a lot more expensive than regular alarms and is also much more effective. If you want to have an alarm installed, you should also visit the company website to see your options.

Other architectural products include exterior door hardware. Some of these items include signs and plaques. These are excellent additions to the exterior of your home and make for beautiful design features. You should be sure to view all of the available options so that you can get the perfect combination of decorative hardware and door lock or handle that you want. When you are shopping for architectural locks and hinges online, you should also view any images of the product line you are interested in. This will help ensure that you get precisely what you are looking for and that you are happy with your purchase. See Lo & Co Interiors architectural hardware.