Plantation Shutters Adds a Classic Touch to Large Windows

Plantation shutters are one of the more traditional kinds of shutters that most homeowners still use today. They are traditional in style and appearance as well as being solidly constructed and long-lasting. This type of shutter can either be plantation or custom shutters. A plantation shutter is a stable and robust window cover usually made up of a wooden frame with a series of horizontal and vertical rails attached. Also set within this wooden frame are louvres, blinds, fabric and any other material that can safely be mounted on top of the frame.

Expert Plantation Shutters Adelaide

These plantation shutters were originally used for expert plantation shutters Adelaide on the top floors of homes. However, nowadays, they are being used to cover just about any window treatment regardless of their height or location. They are very classy and stylish and give your windows just the traditional look while providing your home with an updated and modern feel. Of course, because of these blinds’ contemporary feel, you might be wondering how on earth you can install them. To make sure that everything runs smoothly, installing these blinds requires you to follow a specific procedure.


When installing expert plantation shutters Adelaide, it is also essential to check for any nicks or dents on the wood. These should be either sanded away or filed using a putty knife. If you do not rub or sand the shutters down to their smoothest level, you will cause more deterioration over time. Not only will this cause more wear on the blinds, but you will also increase the possibility that they will not shut evenly or adequately when open. Your utility bills will skyrocket if you use them and they continue to break down.


Once you have all of your measurements and put them in a spreadsheet for easy reference, you can begin to learn about your louvre size and how it affects your ability to shut the plantation shutters. Louvres are made of either wood or plastic, and they control the amount of light entering a room. You should measure the window before purchasing the blinds or before you place an order for them. You will need the exact louvre size, and you should get the most efficient unit for your large windows.


There is nothing more elegant than plantation shutters Adelaide on large windows, but with so many different styles to choose from, you may find yourself unable to decide which one would be best for your home. Do not let this discourage you from exploring the possibilities. With a little bit of research, you can find just the right shutter for your home and enjoy the classy look of plantation shutters on your favourite windows.