Plantation Shutters Adelaide Are Great Window Coverings

Plantation shutters are the ultimate window treatment for any home or business. For years they have been used as the ultimate privacy window by blocking out outside light and maintaining warmth inside the home or office. Plantation shutters Adelaide are available in many sizes and styles to fit the needs of whatever your home or office needs. These are often referred to as louvred shutters or wood shutters. They are made from wood that is often left unfinished on the inside.


Plantation Shutters AdelaideA traditional plantation shutter style is simple, solid and often consists of a single frame with solid horizontal and vertical rails. Usually, there will be louvre type panels that provide louvres that can block out the outside light and maintain privacy on these shutters. Many times in this traditional style, there are several such louvres to choose from. Some homeowners prefer the louvred effect, but many others like the substantial effect of the wood panelling. This style is trendy today in offices and homes. In addition to the solid wood panelling, there may also be other features such as brushwork, knobs, hinges, trim and even moulding.


The traditional plantation shutters Adelaide may consist of just louvres, but other varieties such as the blinds or drapes, and the plantation shutters that have louvres and come with remote control. There are many benefits to purchasing both types of shutters, including cost and energy efficiency. Louvred shutters can cost a bit more than direct plantation shutters, but the upside is that they allow better circulation of air in the room and keep the temperature constant. These shutters also provide insulation against the cold indoors and are a good window treatment to use on cold winter nights. On warmer Summer days louvred shutters give a diffused look to the room and prevent sunlight from streaming through. However, both louvred and solid shutters are best used for interior shutters only and should be used for exterior shutters on vehicles only.


The great thing about the solid wood plantation shutters Adelaide is that they can usually be bought in various sizes so you can match the size of your window or furniture. Those who do not wish to purchase new louvres for their plantation shutters always have ready-made ones to go around. Most of these ready-made forms have a pre-drilled hole for the louvres to screw into. It is best to drill these holes before mounting the louvres to ensure that they are firmly in place and avoid any problems later. One way to find out if the screws have been drilled well enough is to tap the wall behind the louvres to confirm gently.