Some Basic Facts about Dimmer Switches

The lighting we use at home benefits from modern technology and innovation. In the past couple of decades, we have seen a lot of changes, most notably the transition from using traditional incandescent light bulbs to CFL and LED varieties. Of course, the primary objective of manufacturing new lighting options is to come up with something that is more energy-efficient. Well, both CFL and LED bulbs indeed allow saving up to 90% of expenses spent in lighting your home. However, there is another innovation that is unfortunately not getting the same superstar treatment to that of the others. We call it the “dimmer switch.”

A dimmer switch allows the alteration of the amount of light produced by a typical light bulb. It is a practical invention since it does not require complicated wiring or installation. The dimmer switch Australia is what you need if you want to produce mood lighting, thereby creating a cozy and dramatic atmosphere in a room.

The most noticeable benefit of being able to change the amount of lighting in a room is that it effectively creates a unique atmosphere without having to perform significant redecoration or renovation. The only thing you need is a dimmer switch Australia.

However, you should know that the earliest versions of dimmer switches were not as practical compared to modern varieties. The old variants worked by way of adding resistance to the circuit, thereby turning energy into heat instead of light. The result is that there is no reduction of the use of electricity, which means it is not efficient. The production of excess heat also poses a problem because it increases the temperature of the electrical connection.

Fortunately, the modern dimmer switch no longer works that way. Even though you can choose from a wide array of variations, all of them work with efficiency in mind. A modern dimmer switch, regardless of type, cuts the supply on and off in rapid succession. The specific mechanism is called a TRIAC switch, which by the way is an ingenious way of reducing the amount of power that reaches the bulb, thereby decreasing its brightness. What is much more remarkable is that the system successfully reduces power consumption.

Only a very few people are aware that a dimmer switch is more than just for creating different lighting moods. It likewise helps in prolonging the life of your bulbs at home. The reason is simple: when bulbs run at lower power, they get less stress, too, since there is a significant reduction of heat emission. Simply put, bulbs should last longer if they are running at low levels of power. So, if you want added versatility in home lighting and at the same time, save on energy expenses, consider installing a dimmer switch right now.