The Purpose of Retaining Walls on Commercial Properties

A retaining wall is a wall that holds back soil. It is a simple concept, but do not let its simplicity fool you. Retaining walls are sophisticated pieces of engineering. They have been used since the ancient times to improve the usefulness, aesthetics, and productivity of many types of property. Commercial properties often benefit from the addition of one or more retaining walls. This article will look at several purposes of retaining walls on commercial properties and ways this commercial landscape project can enhance the value of the property.

Improve Property’s Appearance

With the right material selection, retaining walls can be a highly attractive feature of your property. A curvilinear, architectural retaining wall can look stunning all by itself. Add appropriate plantings, landscape lighting, and perhaps a set of stairs, and your property will stand out as something unique.

Create a Flat Area

Flat ground is more useful than a steep slope. A retaining wall will help you convert a slope into a flat area which you can put to more use. With a flat ground, you can now easily construct structures that couldn’t otherwise be built on such a sloping property. It can be a parking lot, building or a sports field.

Make a slope useful

In many places in Australia, whole mountainsides are cut into a series of steps that are supported by a series of retaining walls. Called terracing, this technique can easily turn land that is too steep to grow crops into useful farming land. Farmers are not the only people that benefit from terracing. You can utilise this technique on your commercial property as well. Terracing prevents erosion on steep areas and can make a steep landscape easier and less costly to maintain. Terracing can also be used to create pedestrian access on a slope

Provide Handicapped Accessibility

If you have a sloppy commercial area, like say a school or a restaurant, it will be not easy for a person using a wheelchair to maneuver. However, with retaining walls, you will easily create gently sloped ramps for quick and easy wheelchair access.

Improve Site Drainage

Retaining walls are very helpful when it comes to directing water in a property. They are also used to address slope issues near water bodies. If you’re considering a retaining wall for this purpose, beware that many local regulations must be followed, and that is why you should ensure that you have the best retaining wall builder working on your prospect.

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