Do Your Glass Windows Need Repair or Replacement?

Glass windows do not last forever. Even if you take great care of them, the time will finally come for you to replace them. However, there also are instances in which repair still qualifies and replacing them is not the ideal albeit practical option. Well, the most common signs that your windows need either replacement or repair are when they are leaky, cold, and foggy. If the glass windows no longer do their job like helping control the temperature inside the house and letting light in, it is time that you think about Gotcha glass replacement.

However, how do you figure out if the glass needs repair or replacement? The answer to that depends on specific situations. For example, when the glass breaks, you usually will replace it since there is no point in patching it up. With modern manufacturing methods, it is easy to replace the glass of existing windows. Also, repairing broken glass does not make much sense because even if you manage to patch it up, it no longer can serve its purpose.

Meanwhile, if you see interior water in the area near the windows, it usually means it comes from around the structure, not through it. There are several possible culprits, including but not limited to poorly draining gutters as well as drainpipes that force the water towards the windows. Fortunately, this problem might only require repair and does not immediately constitute a Gotcha glass replacement. You can use window seals to hold the water back, but you do have to realise that window seals are incapable of holding back a massive force of water coming from above.

Also, if you are experiencing foggy windows, it usually means that water is condensing inside the double or triple-paned insulated glass unit. You probably do not know it, but modern windows come equipped with self-sufficient IGUs embedded in them. These IGUs are permanent and sealed, suggesting that it is impossible to disassemble it. Hence, if you have a fog issue with your modern windows, it means you have no other choice but a replacement.

Going back to broken and cracked glass, you also must understand that if you have a multi-paned glass at home or your place of business, you should consider a sash replacement. However, if your glass is already a decade old, that is more than enough reason to consider replacing the entire window.

If you have old windows, one of the most common problems you will experience is the inability of the upper and lower sashes to move, and the usual culprit is the layers of paint bridging the frame and sash that hold them together. If you do not feel like replacing the windows with new ones, then you can have this problem fixed.