Solar Adelaide: Tindo Solar Adelaide – Why Choose Tindo Solar?

Having recently opened a new solar panel factory in Adelaide’s northern suburbs, Tindo Solar now assembles high-quality local solar panels designed for Australian conditions. Their new 405-watt ‘Karra’ panels are now being sold.


The company’s name means sun in the Kaurna Warra Aboriginal language of the Adelaide Plains region. The new plant uses the finest components, including Q-cells solar cells, Dupont back sheets, Bridgestone EVAsky encapsulant and FPE junction boxes. For more information about Tindo solar Adelaide, click here.


Made in Australia

Established in Adelaide in 2011, Tindo Solar designs and manufactures technologically advanced premium premium solar photovoltaic (PV) modules designed for Australian conditions. With the Australian Centre for Excellence in PV (ACEPV) launch within their factory located in Technology Park, South Australia, Tindo Solar is committed to local manufacturing and supporting a green energy future.


The ACEPV is an excellent facility for students learning more about PV production and the solar energy industry. The purpose-built facility also provides laboratory experience to university engineering students, offers assistance to solar car challenge teams from ANU and TAFE SA, and seminar rooms for educational events.


The Acepv solar panel factory in Mawson Lakes, South Australia, is the only Australian manufacturer of commercial-scale solar panels and strongly focuses on quality. They manufacture their modules in Australia using monocrystalline silicon solar cells with PERC technology and test them locally at the Desert Knowledge Testing Centre to ensure reliability.


solar AdelaideTindo solar modules are also backed by an Australian-wide network of installers and a service team with regional offices that can assist in servicing all aspects of the customer’s solar system. It gives Tindo a significant advantage over its competitors as it can quickly respond to warranty issues, repairs or maintenance requests.


At GI Energy, we are proud to be an installer of Tindo Solar and support the Australian jobs and manufacturing that go into this world-leading solar panel. We recommend choosing a Tindo solar panel system for your home based on your roof space, electricity usage patterns, and budget. For more information about Tindo solar Adelaide, click here.


Tindo solar modules are a bit more expensive than Chinese modules; however, this is expected as they are made in Australia and backed by a national installer network. They are rated Tier 1 by Choice Magazine and perform in the top 10% of all modules tested. They are also very durable, with a 30-year product and performance warranty, and require little to no maintenance. With self-cleaning on most roofs and only the occasional yearly clean for flatter roofs, they are an excellent option for anyone looking to reduce their power bill with an environmentally friendly solution.


Designed for Australian Conditions

The Tindo Solar brand is an excellent choice for anyone investing in solar power while supporting an Australian business. They offer a great range of competitive products with the more prominent foreign brands and provide an excellent warranty policy.


They have an extensive installer network, which allows them to support their customers and ensure any warranty issues are dealt with promptly. It is especially important when purchasing a solar system, as many problems can arise with faulty components. Choosing a CEC-accredited installer and a certified CARES network member is always recommended.


The company is also focused on sustainability, with all its panels being made from recycled components. They also use module-level Enecsys DC-AC micro-inverters, eliminating the need for a central inverter and maximising energy production.


In terms of design, they have created a panel that is specifically designed for Australian conditions. The panels have more busbars, which reduces internal resistance losses and increases overall efficiency. They also feature a glass with an ultra-thin layer of anti-reflective coating, maximising the amount of sunlight that can be absorbed.


It is an Australian first resulting from years of research and testing. The panels are also rigorously tested to ensure they can withstand the harsh Australian weather, with mechanical and electrical tests being carried out.


Tindo has a state-of-the-art plant in Mawson Lakes, South Australia, with a yearly production capacity of 60MW. Their factory is fully automated, with robotic control at each manufacturing stage. It allows for a high level of precision and quality control. Tindo comes from the Kaurna Warra Aboriginal word for sun, a fitting name for a company that designs and manufactures technologically advanced solar panels for Australia and the world.