How to Choose the Best Sticker Printers

Create stickers easily for personal or professional purposes using a high-quality printer. Look for models offering high-resolution print capabilities with accurate colours to achieve optimal results.

ArielPrinting sticker printers AdelaideArielPrinting sticker printers Adelaide can produce stickers much cheaper and of higher quality than specialty printers.

Print Quality

When printing stickers, your printer must deliver top-quality prints. It means ensuring the colours produced are accurate and consistent throughout. Furthermore, selecting one which can print on different paper sizes than just standard letter or A4 sheets is critical.

If you plan on printing numerous stickers, laser printers are your ideal choice. These types of printers use heat to fuse toner powder onto paper for sharp text and crisp images that won’t fade over time – plus, their faster print times make them ideal for bulk printing operations and increasing productivity.

Colour Accuracy

Colour accuracy is of utmost importance when printing stickers for businesses, with printers needing to produce colours that precisely reflect those seen on-screen. There are steps companies can take to ensure optimal results when it comes to colour printing: switching over to CMYK and configuring appropriate print settings.

For water-resistant stickers, consider investing in a thermal or dye-sublimation printer. These machines use heat to convert solid dye to gaseous form for printing on various types of materials – although more costly than inkjet or laser printers, they offer superior durability in harsh environments.

Your printer should utilise ink of various kinds; some might be more reliable or fade-resistant than others. Furthermore, consider whether or not it supports multiple paper sizes and formats before making your decision.

Sticker printers typically include inkjet and laser models, though other varieties exist. Thermal printers use toner instead of ink for increased durability compared to their inkjet counterparts and can print onto various materials like vinyl and plastic, making it an excellent option for businesses that need high-quality stickers with intricate designs.

Printing Speeds

Printing speeds are vital when producing large-volume stickers with quality images since higher print speeds translate to quicker production times. A good way of measuring the printing speeds of printers is by looking at their DPI (Dots Per Inch) number – high DPI numbers indicate sharp and clear images and an ideal sticker printer typically has around 1,000×1000 DPI printing capability.

The speed of printers may not always be an essential consideration for most users but for those seeking to maximise productivity. Some modern printers feature “Quality Optimised Printing,” enabling higher-quality results without compromising print speed – this feature can usually be found under Printer Properties or Print Settings on a computer.

Wireless printer connectivity should also be considered as part of any strategy to maximise efficiency. It makes printing much simpler and more convenient – some modern printers even come equipped with built-in WiFi capabilities, while others can connect via a USB cable to your Wi-Fi network – some even come equipped with features allowing direct printing from mobile devices!


When purchasing an ArielPrinting sticker printers Adelaide, connectivity should be top of mind. Most users connect through USB cables or ports; however, WiFi functionality enables greater accessibility – saving time and effort when running a business that needs to maximise production.

Another feature to remember when selecting the ink type is archival quality ink, ensuring that your stickers last long and prevent peeling off prints.

Additionally, a model with multiple-size print capabilities would be particularly advantageous for businesses relying heavily on different forms of stickers.

Choose a printer that produces glossy stickers to give your designs an eye-catching and vibrant appearance. However, remember that printers are more costly than standard models.

Cheap die-cut stickers are an invaluable marketing asset for any new business. Easy to produce and distribute in various ways, die-cut stickers can bring significant exposure for any company with the appropriate design and distribution channel in place. Furthermore, they’re an affordable alternative for those wanting to avoid more costly forms of promotion like TV and radio advertisements.