Tips in Buying Artificial Grass

With the increasing popularity of artificial grass, it is no longer a surprise that you are also intrigued with the prospect of replacing the natural grass in your lawn with it. It may be true that synthetic or plastic turf was a laughing stock back in the day due to the image of it being cheap, but times are changing, and now, you get to choose from an extended array of options when shopping for synthetic turf.

In this article, we discuss the things you must factor in when choosing the best type of artificial grass.

1 – Pile Height

Since most people love real grass due to their lush look, you may want to consider buying synthetic turf with a long pile height. The best option is between 30 to 37mm. The truth is you should not go over the height of 37mm since you might end up with a flat-looking grass. If the blade is long, it means it also is heavy. Heavy blades succumb to gravity, thereby making them appear flat.

2 – Density

Aside from pile height, you likewise must consider the density of the grass you plan to buy, including the weight per m2. Know that the best quality of synthetic turf comes with a weight per m2 of roughly 3kg.

3 – Colour

Although artificial grass is green, there is a wide range of colour variations to choose. If you wish to get the one that emulates natural grass, you must look for the ideal shade of green coupled with a brown fleck. Do not go for fake grass with a perfect green colour especially if you are installing it on your lawn since it will not look natural.

4 – Samples

The good news is the majority of manufacturers of artificial grass will hand out free samples in small sizes. You can take these samples and bring them to your home. Figure out if it is the right colour, appearance, and quality you are looking in a fake turf.

5 – Sub-Base

Figuring out the ideal synthetic grass to install means deciding on the right sub-base, and whether or not you plan on using sand in-fill. Sub-base is the material you use as the base for the installation of artificial grass. You generally have two options, but the Type 1 aggregate and sharp sand is the best option for residential settings.

6 – Installation

Finally, you have the opportunity to install the artificial grass you bought or have someone do it for you. Not all homeowners are skilled enough to do it on their own, and if you feel like you do not possess the skills, you are better off hiring the pros so that the installation process goes on smoothly and without problems. Keep in mind that even a small mistake could lead to a botched installation job.