Things You Should Know Before Building Granny Flats Adelaide on Your Property

Are you planning to build a granny flat? If so, then you need to know some things before you proceed to plan your construction. Granny flats Adelaide is similar to building a room that’s separate from your house. With that said, here are some of the things that you should know before constructing a granny flat on your property.



Getting Approval to Build a Granny Flat is Hard


There are some local Australian councils and states that have hectic planning and building regulations when it comes to granny flats. The approval, construction, and use of granny flats have a lot of complicated requirements. However, in South Australia, new policies have been introduced to increase the availability and supply of affordable rental housing. The result now makes the construction of a granny flat much easier to get approved. However, you’ll still meet with specific criteria that will be a tough challenge to fulfil.


You’ll Need a Huge Chunk of Land


The minimum size of land needed for building granny flats Adelaide can vary across various local councils. A reasonable estimate is to have at least a 450m2 block of land. However, keep in mind that even though you may have the necessary space, it’s important to remember that regulations limit the construction of only one secondary dwelling in every lot.


The Size of the Granny Flat Doesn’t Matter


A general rule of thumb requires granny flat to be under 60 square metres. Regulations tend to vary from different states, with a few local councils allowing porches and carports to take up some additional space above the allotted area. To know the limitations in your area, make sure you check what your local council allows. That way, you won’t get into potential drawbacks.


Subdivide Your Property


If you’re planning to offer your granny flat for rent, you may be able to separate the mailing address and arrange for individual utility bills. However, certain local councils state that building a granny flat does not permit the actual subdivision of your property – unless it’s allowed under a local planning scheme arranged by the local council in that area.


It has to be Separate from the Main Home


Finally, granny flats Adelaide has to be separated from the main building. It has to have a space of its own to be called a granny flat. If it’s attached to the main home, then it’s nothing more than an extension. The good part about the latter is that you won’t have to go through extensive preparations and requirements. All you need is a standard building permit.