Three Reasons to Choose a Digital Rain Gauge Instead of a Traditional One

For centuries, humanity has used various instruments to measure rainfall accurately. These instruments were called rain gauges. The simplest of these devices was a cylindrical object with measurement markings to accurately measure rainfall for a particular period. Today, these manual gauges are still utilised, providing a reasonably accurate amount. However, as things tend to be changed, we now have the digital rain gauge to make our measurements easier, hassle-free, and more reliable. This article will explain just that, as we present you three good reasons why you should choose digital rain gauge over the traditional one.




The advancement of technologies and innovation of digital rain gauges has made operations simpler and the results more accurate than ever. That means you can find more precise measurements when using a digital rain gauge. In addition, you won’t have to log data manually. It can record data on its own so you can see its recordings right away. It also has a few-to-no chance of errors. So, when digital rain gauges record data over a period, know that the numbers will always be accurate.




Another reason for purchasing a digital rain gauge is for the convenience that it provides, Wireless rain gauges not only keep you safe inside your house and away from the harmful elements, but also save you a trip to the rain gauge site altogether. Modern-day rain gauges feature self-emptying rain collectors that transmit wireless data to a base unit inside your house. If you’d prefer resetting the gauge manually, know that it can be an option, too.



Low Maintenance


Finally, with a digital rain gauge, you can enjoy its low maintenance needs. Probably the only maintenance that it requires is checking the rain cup occasionally for any potential clogging, as well as changing the batteries once a year. That’s about it! Nothing more, nothing less. Most digital rain gauges require batteries in both the rain cup and the base unit. It also has a battery indicator to let you know when your rain cup or base unit is at a point that requires a battery change. That way, you will know in advance and not have to worry about any abrupt empty battery indications.


So, there you have it! These are some of the reasons why you should consider a digital rain gauge over a traditional one. Keep in mind that the latter doesn’t have these features. So, make sure you choose only digital rain gauges. Purchase one today! Visit Instrument choice now and shop for the latest models.