What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy, also called physical therapy, is just one of the many health care professions available today. Physical therapists provide physical therapy that helps individuals reduce pain, improve mobility, and improve functions related to daily living. They can provide therapy to help reduce pain associated with injuries, diseases, or congenital disabilities. Other forms of physiotherapy Adelaide includes rehabilitation, which helps individuals recover from a traumatic injury resulting in long-term disability; speech therapy (or speech pathology), which helps individuals overcome communication challenges resulting from brain damage; and athletic therapy (or physical assessment and treatment), which helps athletes treat injuries and ailments before, during, and after athletic events.

physiotherapy AdelaidePhysiotherapy often involves the manipulation of the musculoskeletal system, including the spine and muscles. During a physiotherapy session, physical therapists apply controlled movements to the body’s soft tissues to correct conditions causing you pain, such as arthritis, sprains, strains, joint injuries, fractures, and dislocations. These treatments can improve mobility, pain relief, and function, sometimes as quickly as two days.

Before a physiotherapist provides therapy for an injury, he/she will do a physical examination to find out what is wrong. Your physiotherapist will check for signs of movement, circulation, mobility, and strength during your examination. If your injury is not causing severe discomfort or redness, your physiotherapist will recommend exercise or the other recommended treatments. Based upon the severity of your injury, your physiotherapist will tailor an exercise program for you that is appropriate for your age and the level of your injury.

During physiotherapy Adelaide, you will be encouraged to move your arms, legs, and torso. You may be instructed on using your hands to manipulate your joints and muscles. You will learn to control your movements with your arm, leg, and trunk. You may also be instructed to perform gentle stretches and exercises to release tight and swollen soft tissue in the injured area. Physiotherapists are skilled at applying compression to the injured area, such as with an ice pack or ultrasound, and the use of therapeutic garments to reduce inflammation.

In some instances, physiotherapy is called for after a sporting injury has been sustained. For example, if you sustain a torn cartilage in your knee while playing soccer, you will most likely undergo a period of rehabilitation. The physiotherapist will instruct you on how to exercise, properly handle the injured area, and what type of exercises will help you heal faster. Sometimes, the application of a compression garment or ultrasound can speed healing, especially for people suffering from osteoarthritis.

Most people who undergo physiotherapy Adelaide participate in a range of exercises designed to strengthen their range of motion and decrease pain from their joints. Your physiotherapist will determine what exercises will best work for your condition. The number of sessions you need to complete will depend on many factors, including the severity of your injury, when you first met with your physiotherapist, and your current fitness level. As with any therapy, regular sessions with a qualified and competent physiotherapist are important for continuing health and well-being.