Infrared Thermometer – Red Infrared Temperature Data

An infrared thermometer is an instrument that measures temperature from an area of infrared radiation, sometimes described as the “black-body” radiation emitted by an object, to determine its temperature. The temperature measurement is done by emitting short waves of infrared energy and measuring the radiated back. Infrared is the fastest-growing energy source after visible light in technology. This means it is essential to have an infrared thermometer. Click to buy now!


An infrared thermometer works on the principle of the thermocouple, which was first conceived back in 1796 by Anton van Leeuwenhoek, then worked out by Sir James Clerk Maxwell. The focus of this thermocouple is that it uses two types of contacting media, which are coated in a special substance that has a measurable amount of charge. When the two media come into contact, the difference in electrical signals caused by their interaction is converted into heat. The output of this process is an infrared signal, which an infrared thermometer can read.


Many kinds of infrared thermometers are available in the market. A digital thermometer measures the temperature range of a room. By using a controller, the desired temperature can be set. The thermistor thermometers measure the temperature when the attached material is not lit, thus rendering it non-functional. Temperature measurement is normally done by means of a probe, which is attached to the interior surface of a part of the whole device. Click to buy now!


Two other kinds of infrared thermometers are handheld pyrometers and fixed limit thermometers. A handheld pyrometer is usually used for taking thermal heat readings. Fixed limit thermometers are mainly used to take continuous temperature readings, while a combination of both is used to take temperature readings at regular intervals.


Another infrared thermometer that is widely used for measuring temperatures is the handheld laser thermometer. These are also called Infrared Thermometers because they use infrared light instead of direct physical contact. During the detection of infrared radiation, the handheld laser thermometers operate very much like standard thermometers. However, some handheld laser thermometers incorporate a laser diode array, which produces infrared heat energy. The infrared thermometer and converter then detect the emitted heat into a visible signal.


There are also other types of infrared thermometers, such as surface probe thermometers, measuring surface temperatures. They use an infrared emissivity probe that is attached to the specific target surface. The probe may be made from various materials like glass, plastic, metal, silicone, and other flexible materials with a high emissivity index. Click to buy now!