Orthopedics – The Specialty

Orthopedic surgeons, also called orthopedic cardiologists, are medical professionals who specialise in treating and diagnosing the skeletal system- muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, and tissues vital to normal movement and daily living. With more than 220 bones in your body, it is an especially in-demand specialisation. An orthopedic surgeon’s job is not only about the diagnosis; it is also about treatment. Your orthopedic surgeon in Adelaide will treat your condition exactly as they would any other patient with similar problems.

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The orthopedic specialty includes several different surgical procedures. Some of these include joint replacement, shoulder surgery, neck surgery, craniomaxillofacial surgery, and hip surgery. In addition, many orthopedic surgeons perform a variety of minimally invasive surgeries, such as laser-assisted discectomy (LASD), wrist surgery, microsurgery, and orthopedic balloon-assisted discectomy (OAD), among others. These minimally invasive techniques have become quite popular in recent years.

Orthopedic surgery is often referred to as a minimally invasive specialty because many procedures involve major invasive techniques that require a hospital stay of at least a week or longer. Many patients who undergo orthopedic surgery seek to have their surgery performed in a hospital equipped to perform more complex or advanced surgeries to avoid the need for surgery on their own. For this reason, many orthopedic surgeons find it beneficial to serve as primary care doctors, assisting surgeons in diagnosing their patients and assisting them in planning their surgical procedures.

To become an orthopedic surgeon in Adelaide, you need to attend and pass the medical college of your choice with a bachelor’s degree. The medical school you attended will likely have a ranking system in place for entrance to the medical college of your choice. You will then need to pass a board exam before matriculation into your medical school. Once enrolled, you will need to complete a residency during which one or two years of full-time clinical training is completed under the supervision of a current orthopedic surgeon.

The medical specialty of orthopedics currently has a shortage of doctors. As a result, a few schools offer online programs in orthopedics to fill the gap. These online programs allow orthopedic surgeons to work from their own homes and complete their residencies at their own pace. In most cases, the students who complete these programs choose to pursue orthopedic surgery, cardiology, or pediatric orthopedics.

An orthopedic surgeon in Adelaide can specialise in any number of fields. They often focus on a particular group of diseases or injuries. For example, there are physical therapists and orthopedic trauma surgeons. A physical therapist deals with spinal disorders associated with diseases of the spine. On the other hand, the orthopedic trauma surgeon specialises in treating traumatic injuries to the body, resulting in permanent tissue damage. The most common orthopedic surgeries include limb amputation, shoulder dislocations, fractures, herniated discs, sports injuries, and cartilage and bone replacements.