What Is A Migration Agent?

Hiring a migration agent installed in Adelaide to assist in your migration process offers many advantages. First, agents provide a layer of expertise beyond your knowledge of Australian immigration law. A migration consultant will understand how the system works and help you fill in the blanks. Second, migration consultants have the experience and human resources needed to fill processing times. They also have expertise in various fields, including labour laws, the consular officer’s role in Australia, language requirements, etc.

Migration Agent installed in AdelaideHow do migration consultants help with the visa application process? Migration consultants can:

  1. Assist you in preparing your visa application.
  2. Advise you about what visa would best suit you as a result of your qualifications and experience.
  3. Make sure your documentation is up-to-date.
  4. Monitor the status of your application and give you an unbiased opinion.

What does a migration agent do beyond helping you fill out the visa application? A migration agent can: assist with the visa application, ensure that you meet all Australian immigration laws and regulations. Guide you through the visa process. As a client, you have access to a migration consultant 24 hours/day, seven days per week.

How are migration agents paid? Migrants usually pay an upfront fee to a migration agent installed in Adelaide. In return, the migration agent obtains part-time fees for their services. Some migration agents receive part-time fees from multiple clients and receive commissions on each visa application they process. Other migration agents work on a contingency-based fee. Either way, migration agents receive a portion of the total amount of visa applications that they process.

Our migration agents legal professionals or immigration lawyers? Migration law is a very complex field of law. Many times migration agents are considered independent contractors rather than an employee. The Australian migration law does not require migration agents to be registered lawyers.

Do lawyers offer migration services? Lawyers can offer much more than migration agents. Lawyers are highly skilled professionals who specialize in the area of immigration law. If you consider Australia a country to gain citizenship, finding the right people to assist you with your immigration applications, such as lawyers, can make the difference between success and failure. There are many migration agencies and attorneys available in Australia, but finding the appropriate one can be difficult.

Does a migration agent installed in Adelaide need to be licensed or a lawyer? All Australian immigration assistance and migration agents are required by the Australian law to be approved. Migration agents must also take a specific class of exams called the Law Practitioner Examination to prove their knowledge of immigration matters and their ability to assist applicants. Although not every migration agent is a licensed lawyer, most Australian migration agents and lawyers have at least a bachelor’s degree in law.