The Crucial Value of Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

A pre-purchase building inspection is a small investment you make that protects the bigger one. Since buying a house or building may very well be the most significant financial commitment you will face in your life, it only makes sense not to screw it up. Even if you are impressed with the persuasive powers of the seller or his/her agent, you never should fully trust what they say about the physical condition of the property.


You will find the building or house very attractive and challenging to pass up, especially after a visit, but keep in mind that staging could conveniently hide the imperfections as well as the structural and foundation problems. Building inspections – are the only practical answer to the question of whether the property is worth buying in the first place.


You hire a qualified building inspector to come up with an inspection report that details the condition of the house. In other words, the document tells you exactly what you are getting out of purchasing it. You use the information to come up with a smart decision. The reason why the inspection must be conducted before you sign the dotted line is that you still can back out or walk away from the deal in case the inspection report finds out and reveals severe problems that affect the safety and comfort of the property.


The concept behind a pre-purchase inspection of a building or property that’s about to be bought is to conduct or perform a comprehensive and in-depth visual examination, the purpose of which is to see if there are reasons to move on with the sale or back away from buying it. It is important to note that a qualified building inspector must be transparent and impartial in conducting the inspection. The report will not in any way suggest or recommend the purchase of the property or the other way around. Instead, it will focus on describing the condition of the building or house based on his or her professional knowledge and upon the consummation of the inspection.



Building inspections – cover nearly everything, including that of site features, exterior components and elevations, roofing system, foundation, interior rooms and spaces, basement, and others. The objective of the inspection is to cover as much area or space as possible and to include everything that may affect the safety and level of comfort of the house.


At this juncture, you probably already get the point of paying for the services of a qualified building inspector. Even if you may end up figuring out through the report that there is nothing wrong with the house from the start, you still should consider that money you spent for a pre-purchase building inspection to be worth it. Without professional assessment, you increase the risk of buying a property that’s doomed from the get-go.