In becoming a Lawyer, What does it take?

One of the prestigious career paths you can take is to become a SA lawyer. The profession offers excellent opportunities and benefits but not without investing in continuing education and skills.


Consider the following questions to ask yourself if you decide to become a SA lawyer:


Am I Prepared to Financially Invest in Law School?

Students from law school have a high average of student loan debt. Although most lawyer’s salary is above the national average wage, it would be beneficial to weigh the cost of further studies combined with lost earnings versus the prospective financial rewards of a law degree. Remember that the salary of lawyers depends on factors such as the extent of experience, work location, and specialty.



Am I Willing to Commit Three Years to Law School?

Going full-time in law school requires a commitment of three years and a bachelor’s degree qualification. Like any other college degree, you will be subjected to classroom work, case studies, externships, and other related activities that make employment impossible during this endeavour.


Do I Handle Pressure Well?

The journey to becoming a full-fledged lawyer is filled with tests aside from the major ones like LSAT and the bar exam. These tests bring so much pressure to law students because they determine the overall performance throughout the year.


Am I Capable of Speaking in Public Comfortably?

One of the top skills that a lawyer must possess is public speaking. The profession requires presenting information to a wide variety of people during meetings, negotiations, and court trials. A lawyer’s success largely depends on how well he or she can communicate his or her advocacy to the audience. Furthermore, lawyers must be comfortable to play with words, both oral and written not only to convey information but more importantly, to persuade the concerned parties.


Do I Possess Higher Thinking Skills?

Analytical and problem-solving skills are critical to law practice. Lawyers are required to analyze situations and find answers to legal problems based on their knowledge of legal codes, theories, and laws. If you enjoy board games or hobbies that require the use of logic and analysis to win, then this career path may be for you.



Am I Able to Make Myself Available to My Clients?

Although law firms have taken steps to protect the lawyers’ work-life balance, you may come across clients that expect you to be available at their beck and call – such is the case especially in criminal law. With the advent of technology, lawyers are afforded the connectivity with the downside of being accessible 24/7 regardless of where they are. Lawyers who maintain the usual 9 to 5 schedule often prioritize work-life balance over high financial returns.


Am I Ready to Find New Clients and Business?

Aside from practising law, lawyers are also tasked to find potential clients. Higher financial rewards in the form of compensation, commission, or shares await lawyers who can increase their employer’s client base.


Practising law requires careful consideration of the factors mentioned above. If you have evaluated yourself against these factors and got favourable answers, then you are on your way to becoming a SA lawyer!