Eco-Friendly Silage Wraps for Greener Farming

Ever since researchers discovered decades ago that our planet has started deteriorating due to heavy use of plastic and greenhouse gas emissions, manufacturers around the world rallied to reduce the world’s use of raw materials that are harmful to the environment.

Farming is among the primary sectors that have been promoting change in utilities and business practices. The latest “big thing” in this industry is the invention of the biodegradable silage wrap. This product was manufactured with a greener and more waste-reducing operation in mind.


Before eco-friendly silage covers were created, farmers made use of netting and various kinds of plastic to wrap silage and hay bales. However, the practice received scrutiny from environmental activists who call for improved farming operations.


Researchers also revealed that plastic silage wraps could pose health risks to livestock. Plastic bits can stick to silage, and these particles can be dangerous to livestock health when they consume the fodder. Studies about cattle health issues linked to preserved fodder wrappings pushed farming utility manufacturers to explore possibilities that revolve around “green” business practices.


Some farmers reported livestock deaths and illness due to unintentional consumption of silage plastics. If the trend keeps on, farmers could incur massive losses, and many farms could lose the trust of their clients if they produce livestock that shows signs of disease or appear unhealthy.


Large quantities of plastic and net bale covers are also adding to the world’s waste problems. With the biodegradable silage wrap, farmers have an option to go green or stick with ancient practices that add up to multiple waste issues the world has yet to resolve.


An eco-friendly silage wrap is believed to be one of the most essential breakthroughs in the farming sector as a whole. The product is expected to change the way farmers view business operations. Awareness of how plastics could harm the environment will also be spread across the farming industry and throughout remote farmlands where traditional processes are dominant.


While some manufacturers have already started developing other eco-friendly wrap options for farmers around the world, a new invention is underway: edible silage wrap. If the three original brainchildren of the edible hay cover project will push through with commercial sales of the product, a more significant change will take place in the farming industry.


While farmers can’t do much about the fact that many manufacturers still produce eco-harmful utilities and tools, there is something farmers can do to help make the world a better place for generations to come. Experts recommend purchasing silage wraps that feature little to no plastic elements.



Farmers can also stay tuned for the perfection of the edible silage wrap that could give birth to greater innovations in farming that are focused primarily on reducing the world’s waste.