Why Companies Should Focus on Local SEO

In today’s modern business landscape, most businesses are familiar with and are taking advantage of search engine optimisation (SEO). It’s an online marketing strategy that’s intended to increase a website’s online visibility on search engines like Google. In most cases, this practice involves a link building strategy and writing high-quality content. However, fewer businesses are familiar and aware with local SEO Adelaide, a branch of SEO that focuses on getting maximum visibility from users in a particular geographic location.

If more businesses learn to utilise local SEO strategies, they will attract more customers and can even establish a more significant local presence. They will also find more services and solutions that are closer to their current location. If you want to know more, here are three important benefits that local SEO can do for your business:

Target & Convert Mobile Users Efficiently

The internet nowadays is widely dominated by mobile users. ComScore states that mobile platforms, which consists of smartphones and tablets, generate about 60% of online traffic. Now equate it with Google’s findings: roughly 52% of consumers who conduct local searches on their smartphone tend to visit a store within a day or two. No matter where you are right now or what time it is, you can find mobile users looking up for restaurants, tourist spots, home services, or even meal deliveries. Mobile web search is becoming relevant these days. By establishing a substantial local SEO Adelaide presence, you can convert mobile users in your local area, which is tons of profit even if you don’t do the Math.

You Compete wIth Fewer Competitors

Have you ever tried finding a business or service using a generic search term? For instance, if you were to search for “roofing,” you’ll receive thousands to millions of search results that are irrelevant to your needs. However, when you add a location to the term, like “roofing Adelaide,” or “Adelaide roofing,” the results of your search will become more relevant and niche. This concept also works for stores, restaurants, entertainment, and other services that you need. That means broad terms have international competition in its results. Local search narrows down the results to only the biggest names in your area.

Develop Local Visibility & PR

Local SEO will lead to a more significant local presence, leading to more local opportunities. Attending local trade shows or hosting a networking event will help open your brand to a more local audience and can even learn to further business or collaborative partnerships projects. Customers also love that they can find the business that’s relevant to what they’re looking for, as well as their current location.

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