The Advantages of Using Silage Wrap and Film

In the modern-day farmer’s market, silage wrap proves to be a big hit in the homegrown and natural food markets. The silage wrap is a versatile product used by more traditional local growers and ranchers to protect their valuable crops from harsh weather conditions and lengthen the growing season. In addition, the wrap offers a valuable shield to the plant from insects and disease. These diseases can directly result from moisture from the soil reaching the plant and can result in early wilting or stunted growth.

silage wrapThe silage wrap provides excellent protection against termites and other pests and has superior strength and structural integrity for its rugged yet flexible rawhide cover. It is a breathable moisture barrier and has been shown to help improve air quality by reducing negative ions while locking in moisture and improving circulation. Silage is packed with nutrients for everyday use in the form of oils and fibres. These fibres are packed deep within the fibres creating a solid protective barrier that stops moisture and acts as a soil retardant.

In addition to its value to farmers and ranchers, silage wrap offers several benefits to consumers. It is ideal for organic growers and has recently become an increasingly popular choice in the commercial forage market. The wrap’s durability means that the wrapping material is more resistant to the elements such as wind and rain than traditional forage bags. Due to the strength of the fibres, it can also withstand extreme temperatures from hot days in the summer to cold nights in the winter, making it ideal for use in outdoor storage or on the premises of a commercial production facility. In addition, the fibres are not affected by the elements, and the protective barrier remains even when there is significant snowing or rainfall.

The silage wrap can be purchased ready-made or assembled. Many farmers prefer readymade packaging as they find the process easier and with no need to assemble the bales. However, many producers choose to assemble the bales as the packaging is quicker and ensures that all the bales have been correctly aligned and stacked together without any unevenness.

With high UV protection, the silage wrap offers a strong barrier between the moisture and the crop for protection against ozone and evaporation. It also prevents heat damage to the product from the sun’s rays during harvest time and protects the produce from wind, rain, and snow. The high UV protection allows the bales to retain their fresh taste and aroma for more extended periods, reducing the cost of wastage. The 5-layer film provides exceptional protection from pests, and the high UV protection will also prevent insects such as termites from destroying your crop.

The importance of recycling has increased over recent years due to the rising amount of plastic waste and the impact on the environment. Many consumers now take action by reusing paper, plastic and aluminium by creating and using silage wraps. The transparent film is an environmentally responsible option when looking at reducing the amount of plastic waste that ends up in our landfills. So whether you’re looking at a short term solution or looking for a long term solution, it’s clear to see the importance of silage wrap and transparent film.