Markwell Foods Announces Shore Mariner Frozen Seafood

If you’re looking to buy Markwell Foodz frozen seafood, you’ll be pleased to know that you can find a wide selection from Markwell Foodz. These types of products range from seafood claws to lamb Weston. They are also known for their Shore Mariner and Seabreeze clams.


Shore Mariner

Markwell Foods has announced its product Shore Mariner frozen seafood products. The products include Surimi Crab Flavoured Crabsticks and Surimi Crab Flavoured Premium Salad Mix. However, consumers who have a soy or egg allergy should avoid eating these products.


These products are sold in Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. They are distributed in retail stores, including Woolworths.



Markwell Foods, the company, which is a part of the Competitive Foods Group, is a New Zealand company that has been processing frozen seafood and serving the domestic and international markets. Markwell Foods started as a family-owned fishery and grew into a well-known processing company and a supplier of many brands. With the addition of Butlers Big Country and Galpak, the brand portfolio expanded to include the Findus, Seagold and Seabreeze retail brands. Among the products recalled are Surimi Crab Flavoured Salad Mix and Surimi Crab Flavoured Seafood Sticks.


Lamb Weston

Lamb Weston is a leading global supplier of frozen potatoes, vegetables, and seafood products. It operates 27 production facilities across the globe and has a presence in North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. In 2016, Lamb Weston became an independent public company.


The Company has been in business since 1950. Robert Horowitz, a pioneer in the food industry, founded the Company. He introduced innovative ways to produce food and practised the Golden


Rule in his personal and business life.

Before his death in 2007, he was an internationally recognized leader. He was the founder of Lamb Weston Holdings Inc. in Eagle, Idaho. He introduced a variety of products, including frozen potato products. In addition to its leading position in the frozen potato market in North America, the theCompany’ss products are sold in more than 100 countries worldwide.


The Company’ss products are divided into two segments: Retail, which includes fries, tater tots, and hashbrowns, and Food Service, which provides frozen vegetable and appetizer products. In 2014, the company reported $1.15 billion in net sales for its third quarter.


Markwell Foods – Fresh Produce and Frozen Seafood


Markwell Foodz frozen seafood, LLC is a purveyor of all things bubbly. From frozen seafood to fresh produce to the latest and greatest from the land down under and beyond, Markwell Foods is the one-stop shop for quality grub. With fifteen employees and more than two decades under its belt, Markwell Foods is a family-owned company that is as elegant and dynamic as the fish it produces.


Markwell Foods has a small team of jacks of all trades who can deliver your grub wherever possible. To round out the experience, Markwell Foods offers a bespoke employee benefits program. For more information, click here. As one of the more reputable companies of its kind in the country, Markwell Foods is a name you can trust. With a slew of notable customers and a squeaky-clean corporate culture, it’s no wonder Markwell Foods is the toast of the town.


Markwell Foodz Frozen Seafood Review


Markwell Foodz frozen seafood is not your grandpa’s ice cream joint, but it does have a pretty sweet pedigree. For one thing, the theCompanyy is owned by the competitive food and beverage group, which happens to be headquartered in the state of Maryland. The CFAL group also owns Seabreeze, an upmarket frozen seafood purveyor.


Aside from the fish and chips, the theCompany’ss product mix includes high-end halibut, lobster and a smattering of other fishy delights. Markwell Foods is a bit of a jack of all trades. TheCompanyy operates out of several locations, but the home base is its flagship Ormeau office. The company has about 15 employees and is an excellent bunch to boot. The company’s most famous line is seafood and snacks. Despite its size, Markwell Foods does not skimp on customer service – it is as if it were a small family-owned business.