Types of Security Doors For Homes

There are many security doors for homes, including wood and metal doors. You will find information about each of these in this article. There are a few differences between them, too. Wooden security doors are typically softer to the touch and less likely to cause a break-in. Steel, fibreglass, and aluminium are also options. The type of door you purchase will depend on your home and the situation in which it’s placed.

Wooden security doors

mobile security doorsIf you’re looking for a stylish, traditional style of home security door, consider natural wood. Not only is it presentable, but it’s also structurally sound and long-lasting. Several types of wood are used to construct doors today, including mahogany, elm, pine, and fir. In addition, there are arched bulletproof doors and more.

Wooden mobile security doors are popular in high-profile locations around the country. It is because many people prefer the warmth and rich texture of wood, which ties in with the style of traditional architecture. On the other hand, metal security doors can give off an edgy, prison-like look. For this reason, wooden security doors are often the preferred choice. And if you’re on a budget, engineered wood-clad security doors may be a great option.

Metal security doors

When protecting buildings and homes, metal mobile security doors are a must. These doors are available in various styles and materials to match the specific architectural style of your home. Choose from double or single-panel configurations and steel or wood-stud construction. You can even choose from contractor-friendly options such as pre-hung and pre-assembled doors. In addition, these doors come with major brand-name hardware, making installation fast and easy.

Steel security doors are another option. Instead of mesh, steel security doors are made of steel bars. These doors are almost impenetrable due to their heavy construction. Steel doors are often installed without an awning and feature recessed hinges, and the standard diamond grille security door is the most common type of security door. It features a diamond-shaped grill to make human intrusion nearly impossible. For added security, you can choose between two main options – security doors with hinged glass and security doors with screens.

Fibreglass security doors

The entry door is often the first entry point when burglars break into a home. A fiberglass security door can provide the same level of security as a solid wood door at half the cost, and burglars can also break windows near the lock to enter the home. In ensuring safety, fibreglass doors should be designed with a sturdy front porch and a secure Yale lock. Thieves who target homes for break-ins will be scared away by the strong exterior of fibreglass security doors.

In addition to being strong, fibreglass doors are durable. They are stronger than steel and wood and are made with two moulds. Then, they are filled with polyurethane foam that provides insulation and is resistant to breakage. These doors can be installed in any doorway, regardless of their size. Moreover, you can choose one that fits your doorway. You can get a fibreglass door customised to fit your entryway if you have a unique design.

Aluminium security doors

Homeowners can opt for an aluminium security door to protect their homes from burglars. These doors are resistant to rust and offer six times the strength of steel doors. Moreover, they are light and have a variety of finishes to suit your home. In addition, these doors can be installed in any building and come with various lock options. Hence, you can select the right one for your needs and budget. The following are some advantages of aluminium security doors.

Screen doors

Before choosing a security screen door, make sure it is painted. Most people like to use hand-brushed paint, which is not heat-tested and does not last as long as a painted steel door. When you want to add aesthetic value to your screen door, consider painting it a complementary colour to your home. However, be aware that brushed paint is not a good choice for hot climates and may not adhere well.